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Written Testimonials

“The focus of my retreat was on dealing with grief. Zen Wellness provided me with a fresh perspective and a holistic approach to wellness body, mind, and spirituality. I look forward to using the tools they provided me to now live my life with joy and achieve my higher purpose.” 
Dr. Alyshah Kaba

I recently attended Zen Wellness's Healing Retreat and was amazed at how much I learned from their Life Coaching and Wellness portion of their retreat. The program taught me how to control my thoughts, self-awareness, and how to reconnect with my true inner self. The most amazing part of the Retreat was the connection with a loved one I had lost and reconnection with myself. The yoga, meditation, and connection part of the Retreat really resonated with me on a whole new level I feel completely rejuvenated and rebalanced. I truly appreciate everything Zen Wellness has done for me during my stay at their beautiful Bragg Creek location.


I just came back from Zen Wellness's 5-Day retreat in Bragg Creek, Alberta and I was spoiled with how well I was treated by the staff. The location was in a beautiful secluded area but not far from the city. My retreat leader Michelle taught me to believe in myself and my dreams, she was an inspiration, the life coaching and meditation was an amazing experience for me I now know that I can follow my passion and dreams and to open myself to new and exciting experiences. Thank you, Zen Wellness for everything you did for me!
Oscar M


Zen Wellness's Mind, Body & Spirit Retreat was exactly what I needed in my life! My Retreat Leader Michelle really challenged me with questions I was trying to ignore, she made me really think about things in my life and helped me to draw out my issues and to reflect on them. She taught me how to be honest with myself. Now that I have attended their retreat I feel more clear-headed, focused, stress-free and most importantly I feel lighter spiritually, I was able to release myself from everything that has been holding me back in my life.
Lisa. B 


What helped me most is a couple of things, the one on one was more in-depth and beneficial in gaining insight as opposed to a larger group setting, and the tranquil beautiful setting was exactly what I needed! What resonated with me was the power that we all have within ourselves to change our thinking, and the discussion on what the ego really is and how it operates was extremely insightful. The dream exercises also resonated with us, I have been given guidance and I am also more aware of physical signs. What I liked most about my retreat was that it was better than what I expected, it was a wonderful location, the food was delicious, and I spent my time with Michelle who was compassionate to how I was feeling. I definitely feel less anxious/uptight, I have a renewed sense of purpose and I feel more focused on the now! Michelle treated me with compassion, respect and she was non-judgmental towards how I was feeling. My retreat was truly a beautiful experience. Thank you Zen Wellness for all your help during my retreat!
Tracy P 



"Thank you for helping me get over the loss of three people in my life through your retreat and your wellness counseling, Zen Wellness has truly changed my life. Thank you for sparking my light again, I'm forever grateful." 
Dr. Alicia.



Zen Wellness’s Private Mexico One on One Wellness Retreat was a life-changing experience for me, it helped me with my self-worth and to truly love myself again. Michelle was able to help me with my confidence, purpose, mindset, anxiety, and gave me the coping tools I needed in my life. Upon the completion of my retreat, I have positive thoughts, a new mindset, and am so much happier with my life. Michelle really helped me let go and to forgive. I am now confident in how I feel, it’s okay to be alone, I am happy with myself, I learned to not focus on the past but how to live in the now and the future, I am able to trust my intuition and how I feel. The one on one private retreat with Michelle was truly life-changing, the walks and yoga on the beach were truly calming and blissful, the therapy sessions helped me to feel loved once again in my life.
Thank you Zen Wellness for this amazing and truly life-changing Wellness Retreat!
I would strongly recommend this retreat for anyone looking for self-discovery and healing. I found that the support of my retreat guide, Michelle, was remarkable. 

Doug Santiago


The meditations and yoga and all the spa services helped me relax and rejuvenate my mind and body. I also really enjoyed the one on one coaching sessions. I came out rejuvenated and renewed. What a truly amazing Retreat. 

The workshop/ wellness classes gave me plenty of food for thought and I found myself self-reflecting on what I've learned weeks later...the tools I've attained have created a snowball effect for positive change in my life. Thank you Zen Wellness
Jessica. E

The focus of my retreat was on dealing with grief, and I truly felt I was given the tools to move forward after feeling so much sadness and pain for so long. The meditation and spiritual therapy was enlightening and gave me peace and closure. Zen Wellness provided me with a fresh perspective and a holistic approach to wellness body, mind, and spirituality, which our medical systems fail to offer to individuals, especially for those mourning and grieving loved ones. I'm forever grateful. 
Dr. Mary Sunday



I really enjoyed my stay here and intend on coming back! I really liked Michelle as a life coach. She is an incredible person and I would highly recommend her for anyone!
Jim Bazeley



I can never thank Michelle and Zen Wellness enough for teaching me the value of me. I came to this retreat broken and grieving. I couldn't imagine my life any different than it had been for the last 36 months.

I had a wonderful experience at Zen Wellness! Every treatment or coaching session surpassed my expectations.

The coaching offered amazing insight into how you can continue to get out of your own way and live your best life.

The environment was lovely! A wonderful change from the city, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders from just being there. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to both rejuvenate your mind and body, plus, give yourself an extra nudge to achieve your higher purpose. 

Tracy R. 

I came to the resort thinking that I would have a simple relaxing experience and that I already had so much of my life on good terms that I wouldn't receive much out of the coaching. I quickly found out that, as is always the case, there are always ways to tweak your life/mindset/attitude/etc. for the better. 

Zen Wellness is so tapped into their intuition that I could not hide what needed to be tweaked and they immediately knew what the tweak had to be. I'm very excited to immediately apply the tips, tricks, and advice they provided as I already know they will help.

They feel right.

I plan to regularly make use of coaching and healing. We all need to be pointed back towards our life's true North and I trust that Zen Wellness has the right experience, knowledge, and intuition to provide the right adjustments. 

The retreat itself has wonderful hosts who ensure that you have all the comforts and more of a safe and secure home.

The environment is incredibly peaceful and the silence is deafening. In less than 24 hours, all my stress and worries melted away.

I am grateful for the experience and hope that others have the opportunity to take advantage of this unique experience.

Kurtis W. 


"After attending Zen's wellness retreat, I have released well over 40 years of trauma and anxiety from my life. I feel reborn. I am not suffering from depression and anxiety as I have for the past 25 years, and I thank Michelle and ZEN WELLNESS for all of my healing. I would highly recommend Zen Wellness with all my heart." 


“When I booked this retreat, I was an empty shell of my former, true self. I had no idea that what I was about to experience would be 100 times more therapeutic, rejuvenating and transformative than I ever imagined. I’m certain that this is a powerful turning point in my life.” and I highly recommend this retreat now to all my patients.” 


"This experience is now an invaluable tool for me to carry on retrieving my inner strength and true self. Opening myself to the guidance of my own energy and intuition was empowered by this retreat. The consistency of Michelle's presence and reassurance of presenting my path through difficult times is what makes this retreat one of the best choices for having a reprieve from the stresses of life. 
Thank you and God bless.”