1. Where is your Retreat located?
Most of our retreats are at our Bragg Creek, Canmore, Cochran and ghost lake location but we also offer them in, the Dominican Republic, Belize/ San Pedros island, and Mexico

2. How much per night?
$699-$749 per night plus Gratuity and 4% credit card processing fee. You can pay Via E-Tranfer for no fee. Our Destination retreats pricing depends on the season.

3. What services are included?
3-night packages include your choice of either a private Yoga class and or 60-minute relaxation massage.

7-night packages include 3 services. All retreats include working with a private Master life and Wellness coach one on one daily, meditation, wellness program, anxiety, and depression, therapy, mindfulness walks.
All packages include; a private loft suite with kitchen, living area, stand up shower and Queen size bed. 
3-Gourmet meals per day plus water, healing tea and coffee.
You can customize your retreat package further by adding on any one of our traditional or healing spa services from our list.

4. Is it with a group of people?
We have Private retreats as well as smaller group retreats.
We specialize in offering private one on one retreats for a more personal healing experience.

5. How long can I come for?
Minimum 3-night retreat and up to 30 Days.

6. What are the meals like?

We can customize your meals and we make exceptions for all dietary needs. You also get to choose from our menu.

7. What is the success rate ?

We have a 98% success rate for helping and healing our clients

8. What are the benefits of a retreat?

You will leave with a new mindset, tools and techniques to overcome and deal with stress, anxiety, depression, distress, rejuvenate and rebalance. Your life coach will help you create your new life wellness regiment and daily plan to go home with.