The Depression & Anxiety Online Course aims to provide education and guidance on simple but effective techniques for managing depression and/or anxiety.


The Course helps people with thoughts, behaviors and physical symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The Courses cover:   

  1. How to monitor and recognize components of emotions (e.g., thoughts, behaviors and physical sensations)

  2. How to identify, explore and manage negative thoughts 

  3. How to find purpose 

  4. How to release trauma

  5. How to find newfound inner peace and balance

  6. How to maintain gains made through the course 

Why was this Course developed?

The Depression & Anxiety Course was developed by a group of certified life coaches at Zenwellness. And based on our D.A.R. (Depression anxiety release) Program that is taught at our worldwide Retreats. Many people who have depression and anxiety never seek treatment, but do have access to the Internet. The Course was designed in response to the widespread need for access to mental health treatment. 

How effective is the Wellbeing Course?
More than 97% of those who completed the course felt it was worth their time and that they would recommend this course to others who have depression or anxiety. Most experienced reduced anxiety and or depression and an improvement in their level of day-to-day activities.

What support is available from the coaches?
The Course has two options for coach assistance. First is a self-lead approach, done at your own pace and on your own. The other more popular option is the coach-assisted version. This means that during the week on a set day each week, the coach schedules two 1 hour-long sessions (usually by phone) and gives a coaching session and goes works through the course with you. Checking the client's progress and giving coaching lessons throughout.

Payment options?
We offer payment plans! Usually a 6-month plan for both courses.


Self-lead course: Only $59 Bi-weekly!

Coach- assiated: Only $91 Bi-weekly! 

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